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The FIX is IN folks!

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After weeks of back and forth conversations and meeting with Ms. Burns, the WIBOE and their attorney, they have decided to move ahead with their frivolous eviction proceeding.

BCBA presented a very simple and fair resolution to Ms. Burns and her cohorts at the BOE, where everyone could stay and the South Shore Children’s Center could expand its space. But it seems Ms. Burns and her BOE crew have bigger plans for their Mini Mall and BCBA is in their way.

Regardless of the fact that BCBA is the only tenant at Westbrook that actually serves the community with low cost programs and activities for the area’s youth, Ms. Burns and her BOE Cohorts want us out.

It should be noted that NY State still rents the NW Wing of Westbrook (see yellow on floor plan). Even though they pulled their Sandy Relief program from the space, they are being held to their 10 year lease obligation by Ms. Burns. As she sees it, it is extra money for her and her board without adding any more traffic to the already overloaded and disintegrating parking lot at Westbrook.

Why is this important? It seems Ms. LaRosa’s “friends” at the South Shore Children’s Center have already outgrown the space they rent (see green on floor plan). In less than 2 years they have grown so much that they can no longer accommodate the many students they now have. It looks like their move to Westbrook was a smart one (for them anyway).

SSCC has made it clear to Burns and her Cohorts that they need to rent the wing still occupied by Sandy Relief because their numbers have reached critical mass, our recent conversation with SSCC confirms this.

It should also be noted that BCBA NEVER had any issues with SSCC or its owners. We were always friendly with them and never had any disagreements. How SSCC got their space at Westbrook or any preferential/backroom dealings getting it has been an open wound for this community for some time now. Again, BCBA didn’t learn about any of that until well after we were already tenants here.

Anyway, it turns out Ms. Burns has a more lucrative solution to the SSCC expansion problem. Unfortunately for BCBA it requires her to create fake lease violations against us so she can have her attorney pursue her phony eviction proceeding.

Ms. Burns and her BOE cohorts want to give the space adjacent to BCBA to the SSCC (see blue on floor plan), but State law would require that space be secured via a buzzer system. If such a system was installed, BCBA would be locked out of the space it rents (and has faithfully done so since 2/1/2013).

So instead of calling NY State to tell them WIBOE has found a tenant who wants to rent the space they no longer need/use, Ms. Burns would rather tarnish BCBA’s reputation as an upstanding tenant and organization with her deceitful lease violations and eviction threats.

In her scheme, once she evicts BCBA from Westbrook, the hallway we use to get to our space can then be secured and given to the SSCC. It would be a huge NET gain as Ms. Burns would be able to keep the money form NY State space coming in along with the additional rent she will get for the SSCC expansion (if in fact she charges them).

Remember, according to Ms. Burns and the BOE there are only THREE tenants here at the Westbrook Mini Mall, but as you now know that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The fact is there are so many revenue streams coming in from this beautiful facility that they’re probably having difficulty hiding/counting it all.

As a West Islip resident you would think a tax payer rebate check is in order. At the very least you should have received a “Thank You” card from one of the “two” businesses operating from Westbrook, after all their operations could never have grown so much, so fast without moving into this once beautiful school. Their businesses are benefiting immensely because the cheap rent they pay at Westbrook (1/3 the going rent rate).

Everybody seems to be wetting their beak and benefiting from the closing of Westbrook, everybody except the tax paying West Islip residents. No, they get their kids jammed into overcrowded classrooms and then stuck with this tab!

Meet The Fraud

BCBA has been in talks with no less than three law firms all of whom are willing to take on our counter lawsuit against Ms. Burns and her BOE crew. Yes, we are now being forced by these self-serving bureaucrats to sue the very community we have pledged to serve (see our mission statement). As we’ve stated before, this whole situation stinks to high heaven.

How much does one community have to suffer before the people who are wasting all their resources are held accountable? When will a real and open dialogue begin to address how best to utilize these shuttered schools? When will a real and open dialogue begin to address what type of use for these closed schools best serves the community that paid for them? Are not community minded non-profit organizations a better fit for these facilities? Wouldn’t a community be better served by renting this low cost space to organizations that offer low cost youth services? Wouldn’t a community be better served by renting this space to charities that are in desperate need of affordable office space (i.e. Breast Cancer Awareness or Pet Rescue organizations)?

Let's hope after all this nonsense, something good will come out of this awful situation. As for what BCBA will do upon our complete vindication and victory in court, we will open our doors every Saturday & Sunday FREE OF CHARGE to any West Islip child who has ever participated in any function, camp or program here (ever stepped foot in BCBA).

Yes logistics will have to be worked out, but rest assured, parents will be able to drop off their child knowing that he or she will have a terrific time playing games and interacting with other children.

Down but never out, stay tuned!


We ask that you consider standing up for BCBA as we prepare to fight this

Right is Right! Please Help US with Our Fight | Donate NOW
Please Help!

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