We ask that you consider standing up for BCBA as we prepare to fight this

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UPDATE: 12/1/15 Meet The Gangsta Gals of Westbrook. (Details)

UPDATE: 10/1/15 Things Just Got Federal at Westbrook Elementary School
Ms. Burns and Her WIBOE Cohorts Thumb Their
Noses at The Americans with Disabilities Act.

UPDATE: 3/29/15 BCBA offers fair and just solution to the problem at Westbrook,
makes it possible for ALL to stay and even expand!
Burns says NO! As suspected, it's ALL about the money. (Details)

UPDATE: 3/12/15 West Islip's Bonnie & Clyde (Bosse & Burns) dig in,
want BCBA out of Westbrook so they can complete their vision. (Details)

UPDATE: 3/5/15 BCBA issues Press Release,
TV & Radio interviews set. (Details)

UPDATE: 3/3/15 "Shut up, sit down and get over it!" recent WIBOE response
to parents looking for answers about Westbrook's closing.
Today a frightened parent called BCBA. (Details)

UPDATE: 2/28/15 You can't make this stuff up folks. In their concerted efforts
to harass BCBA into leaving Westbrook, Ms. Burns has now instructed
Mr. Bosse to begin REMOVING items from the space BCBA has leased. (Details)

UPDATE: 2/27/15 Ms. Burns is now telling tenants at Westbrook that SHE
has NO Problem with BCBA and SHE is allowing us to finish our lease...wait?...WHAT!
Get The FACTS (Read the Letter 2)

Meet the DISHONEST School Bureaucrats Trying to CLOSE BCBA!

Meet The Fraud

BCBA Has Faithfully Rented Space Here at Westbrook Since 2/1/13
Get The FACTS (Read the Letter)

Rather than fix the many school issues she’s been appointed to fix, Bernadette Burns has made it clear to BCBA that her sole focus as West Islip’s School Superintendent is to bankrupt our small non-profit with a frivolous court proceeding.

Ms. Burns is paid $300K a year by the taxpayers and fancies herself the Matriarch of West Islip. As the head of a School District that “misplaced” over a million dollars of taxpayer money just a few years back, we think it is time EVERYONE knows what is really happening here at Westbrook.

The people who pay her bloated salary (parents of those kids who use BCBA) still have many unanswered questions pertaining to all the waste, fraud and abuse surrounding the closing of Westbrook.

Meet The Business Owner

Since the WIBOE converted Westbrook into a Mini Mall, have they ever provided the taxpayers (who paid for this building) with an honest accounting of ALL the revenue this facility is now generating? Remember, the taxpayers (and BCBA) were told there would be only 3 tenants operating here, not 11!

Rather than harassing BCBA, we feel Ms. Burn’s should spend her time developing a plan to fix the classroom overcrowding she helped cause by closing Westbrook. We feel she should concern herself with the bullying problem that is making it impossible for students to feel safe and able to learn.

It was never our intention to get involved in the nonsense surrounding the closing of the Westbrook Elementary School. All BCBA wanted was to find a new home so we could continue doing the great work we started back in 2004.

If we are guilty of anything it is not doing enough background research before getting involved with this shady BOE. In fairness, we were in a desperate situation, we needed a new home and suffered some big losses during Hurricane Sandy.

Had we known then what we know now, we never would have rented here at Westbrook. We would have known that the many promises they made us to move here were as disingenuous as the reasons they gave residents to close this beautiful facility. Unfortunately, BCBA is here now, and the many kids we service love our facility and the many programs we offer them. So here is where BCBA will stay!

We ask that you consider standing up for BCBA as we prepare to fight this

Right is Right! Please Help US with Our Fight | Donate NOW
Please Help!

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